AvatarComedian Jeff Foxworthy broke out of the pack in the 1980’s with the comic schtick “You might be a redneck. . . .”  It got people’s attention (and drilled down into that little piece of yokel that is in all of us).  I think the phrase is useful in today’s politics, as in “You might be a Never-Trumper if . . . .” Continue reading

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AvatarWhen we grow old we can sometimes take comfort in literature, in the lyrical treatment of our dotage.  Unless of course we choose to read the poetry of William Butler Yeats who seemed determined to lay bare the worst of it all, complaining that his latter-day inspiration came from the “foul rag and bone shop of the heart.”
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AvatarIn March, Texas Monthly offered up a series of articles they tagged as “love letters” from Texans to their home state.  My favorites were the musings on childhood experiences in a state that has a wide variety of environs. Continue reading

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AvatarIn preparing to speak at a Writer’s Conference this past month, I was reminded of my own writing history and the wisdom I could share with others.  So I am relying on friends and followers to pass along this blog post to all the young or struggling writers you know, of every age. Continue reading

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AvatarA growing political and legal scandal is whether real estate developer (and now President) Donald Trump may have illegally altered his financial statements and whether that is a big deal.  For those of you who do not believe this is important or possible – or understand how it is done – let me share some insider knowledge. Continue reading

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AvatarPBS’ Independent Lens series of Indy short-films is among the best TV offerings available in terms of great theater and moving social commentary.  Making the rounds now is a film called Man on Fire, that captures the life and death of a Methodist minister named Charles Moore who died by fire through sacrificial self-immolation on June 23, 2014, in the little town of Grand Saline, Texas, population 3136.  Continue reading

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AvatarJohn Leguizamo is a comedian and actor who has been entertaining people for years – and making them terribly uncomfortable about their hidden biases – all at the same time.  His “Latin History for Morons” is probably his masterpiece to date. Continue reading

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