AvatarThere are certain concepts that befuddle my mind and I cannot for the life of me understand how they continue to thrive in some cultures.  For example, wherever did the idea of white supremacy get its start, how did it erupt into a murderous, barbaric form like The Holocaust, and how does it survive now, in what we consider to be a modern if not enlightened age.

Somehow over the centuries, supremacists have decided that white people are superior to other skin colors.  There is no proof of this, of course.  People of every stripe have built cities and civilizations, have advanced science and knowledge.  Perhaps light-skinned people are just more rapacious, predatory, greedy.  After all, it was primarily white people who settled this country by decimating the red skinned natives, importing black skinned slaves, and driving out brown skinned Mexicans who owned much of what is now the Southwest.

I should hasten to say that I am white (of Scots-Irish-English descent) and I am perplexed at the thought that any of my clan could have behaved so poorly, and wonder how they squared that with their belief that we are all children of one God.  I have youthful memories of Sunday School and of singing “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world:  red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight . . . .”

Somehow this notion of oneness does not always hold into adulthood, although I have been cheered by the social changes of recent years that have embraced mixed marriages and blended families of every sort.  Still the old biases remain and I am saddened to hear that a new wave of white supremacists are campaigning on our college campuses, repeating the old messages of separatism and hate.

–Jonnie Martin

About jonnietootling

It seems forever that I have seen myself as a writer, enamored of life and great literature. I have been a journalist, a blogger, a published novelist; hold both a Bachelor's and Master's in literature and creative writing. Now in my 70's I am blogging here about existence, philosophy, art, literature, people of every stripe, finding our way through life, and growing old with panache.
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3 Responses to WHITE CONUNDRUM

  1. Betty Sue Morris says:

    Totally agree and always want white supremacists to tell me exactly where, in either the Constitution or Declaration of Independence it says this country gives preference to white folks!

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  2. Joella Ewing says:

    Well, Jonnie, God gave people free will (if there is a God – at any rate we have it, not matter how we got it). And not all people have our altruistic spirit. There’s a wonderful song in South Pacific that pretty well sums up how hate is perpetrated:

    You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear,
    It’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear,
    To fear all the people your relatives fear,
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.

    You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late
    Before you are six or seven or eight
    To hate all the people your relatives hate
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.


  3. Yes, I know the song . . . and I know that is how hate gets passed down the generations. BUT I also work with the theory that at some point we all become sentient adults with a responsibility to use our brain and do our part in the world. At that point I don’t accept bad behavior cloaked in tradition. I just don’t.


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