AvatarFor those among you who have bemoaned old age and the loss of dreams, let me share my story.  I have lived my entire life in “delay” mode and I can tell you that it is never too late. 

In my late teens, I wanted to be a writer. I had been publishing with the Arlington Citizen-Journal and on track to be a professional journalist or write a book or teach college.

Then life took a left-turn, as it often will.  I married at age 20 and became a mom of three great sons; writing and college became part-time pursuits.

At 35 I got a divorce and began pushing a business career, advancing to a vice presidency before earning my Bachelors of Business Administration at age 47.

I was able to teach in business context and to write (legal docs, strategic plans), toyed with an MBA, and at 51 started my own management consulting practice

Still, I yearned for something different, a missing piece.  At 68, I retired, returned to school full time, and completed a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Literature and Creative Writing.

At 73, I earned a Master’s in Fine Arts in Fiction, began to blog, published a book and then another left turn – home to care for an aging parent.

Late last year I re-settled in north Texas, began to write for Arlington Today and work on my next novel.  In the fall, at age 78, I will teach my first classes for Tarrant County College in Arlington.

So the message is this:  it is never too late to fulfill a dream.  Of course each of us has limitations.  For instance, I cannot see myself “planking” (a daily exercise routine religiously observed by 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg).

But I am suggesting that too often we listen to a voice in our head saying we are too old.  What I have come to believe is this: if a dream is really important to us, we must not be the one that stands in our way. 

— Jonnie Martin

About jonnietootling

It seems forever that I have seen myself as a writer, enamored of life and great literature. I have been a journalist, a blogger, a published novelist; hold both a Bachelor's and Master's in literature and creative writing. Now in my 70's I am blogging here about existence, philosophy, art, literature, people of every stripe, finding our way through life, and growing old with panache.
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2 Responses to NEVER TOO LATE

  1. Phyllis Hunter says:

    Happy Mother’s Day…and an appropriate blog for today! One of the best gifts we can give our children and grands is to show them it’s never too late!


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  2. Joella Ewing says:

    You’ve inspired me again, m’dear.


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